General Engineering Contractor & General Contractor


License #608639

Specializing in drainage problems, waterproofing, slope repairs, and foundation repairs. Servicing the greater Los Angeles area for over 40 years.



Drainage and waterproofing are the most important thing on your property. It protects your house and foundation. Poor drainage is the cause of the majority of foundation issues, including differential settlement and mold through water intrusion.


Toole Construction was founded by John P. Toole, who, as a city inspector, saw a real need for drainage expertise. Derrick Toole, John's son became the head of Toole Construction in 1999. Derrick started working in the field when he was 14 and has seen and done it all when it comes to drainage and general contracting.


Drainage issues are not immediately evident to the untrained eye and can cause extensive and expensive damage. It important to have your home inspected regularly. You should also schedule an inspection when buying a house for any drainage issues that could cause future damage to the structure.

While most drainage issues are difficult to identify, you can check for ponding throughout your property, the perimeter of your structure, and for any dampness under the house.

A properly installed and maintained drainage system will prevent extensive and expensive repairs in the future and protect your investment. We'll make sure your home is in top shape and avoid issues like water intrusion, foundation problems, mold, mosquitos, and ponding.